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Our Rating 94%
  • Good video and picture quality
  • Strong suction cup mount keeps it steady
  • Inexpensive


This is our #1 pick.
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Good dashcam for the price

  • It’s *very* affordable for a dash cam. Indeed, it’s a steal; the picture quality is very good and is taken with wide-angle lens. It does not come with a micro SD card, though, so you’ll buy that separately.

Sensor for accidents and parking monitor

  • A built-in sensor starts capturing evidence immediately in case of a collision and automatically locks the video, irrespective of whether the dash cam is on or not. The sensor is also activated by motion when the car is parked.
Small and inconspicuous
  • In most incidents where you are going to rely on a dash cam, you don’t want the other party to know you have one installed. This camera is smaller than average and will not attract attention. It is easy to hide and leaves space for other car appliances.
Our Rating 93%
  • Comes with two cameras for the front and back of your car
  • Has provision for GPS antennae to record driving information
  • Easy to install


Up and running in a few minutes

  • Apart from an SD card and mount, this camera comes with everything needed to set it up at the front and rear of your vehicle in less than 30 minutes. The manual is straightforward but, just in case, they also have a YouTube channel with instructions.

Clear picture

  • With its 1080P FHD resolution picture, the video quality captured by the dash cam is sharp and clear. License plates and road signs are captured well.

Supports GPS logger

  • Comes with support for a GPS antenna to record driving information such as speed, longitude and latitude data.
Our Rating 93%
  • Built in GPS
  • Mobile app for live viewing and real-time sharing
  • Built in microphone and speaker captures audio


Control the dash cam from your phone

  • An app allows you to control and view the recordings on the dash cam from a smart phone. This includes real-time sharing on social media.

Extra features at an affordable price

  • This one is a bit more expensive than our first two picks. But the price is justified; it has built-in GPS, a mobile app and a 360° swivel mount.

Snapshot button for instant recording

  • It also comes with a snapshot button that’s separate from the dash cam and takes instant pictures or a 20-second video when pressed.
Our Rating 91%
  • Wide angle recording
  • Driver input code function for extra security
  • Stylish design

Very good

Small screen with wide angle recording

  • The Byakov dash cam comes with a two-inch screen and doesn’t take up too much space. Even better: it supports wide angle recording so the smallness is never an issue when it matters the most.

Clear night vision recordings

  • This camera costs 43 bucks, so one would assume it doesn’t do as well on extra features like night vision. Wrong; several reviewers were impressed by the good quality of its night vision recordings.

Comes with two sets of car chargers

  • Two chargers – one for older car models and a USB connection – and two adapters to hold it securely gives you even more options.
Our Rating 89%
  • Six layers glass lens for crisp images
  • Easily accessible buttons to control recording
  • Waterproof rear camera

Very good

Rear camera can be installed outside the car

  • One big advantage with this dash cam is its waterproof rear camera, which allows for external installation.

Gets the job done

  • This is not the most fancy dash cam, but it gets the job done and is of great quality given the relatively low price tag.

Good quality picture on both cameras

  • Unlike many cameras where the recording on the rear camera is nowhere as good as the front camera, this Crosstour delivers superb video quality all-round.
Choosing a car dash camera

A good insurance policy is the best protection you can have in case of a car accident. The next best is, with certainty, a car dash camera. The footage they record during accidents and interactions with others on the road is irrefutable evidence for law enforcement and insurance investigators. It will also help protect you against false accusations related to your driving, such as undeserved traffic tickets.

One of the most important factors to look out for before buying a new dash cam is how much SD card storage it supports. The bigger the storage size, the more footage the camera will record before writing over older recordings. The write speed is also very important, with a minimum of 10MB/S required for dash cams that support Full HD 1080p video. Ignoring this means risking the card: poor quality SD cards have been known to fail mid-trip.

Our guides are informed by buyer reviews, so all recommendations here fall in the affordable category. They offer great value too because they all have the most important features any useful dash cam should have: loop recording, good video quality, and a parking mode.

Some offer useful features others do not, such as the ability to control the camera from a smartphone or share photos online with an app in real-time, a GPS antenna, while one actually comes with built-in GPS functionality.

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