Best Outdoor Dining Sets 2019

Our mission is to make decisions easy and too many options can be as bad as too few, so we spend our time researching until we can narrow the field to a well-curated set of great choices.


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Our Rating 98%
  • Elegant, modern design
  • Sturdy, quality build while still being comfortable
  • Excellent, affordable price for a modern set


This is our #1 pick.
If you're in a hurry, choose this one.

Sit outside in style

  • This Wisteria Lane looks incredibly sharp. It’s modern, elegant, and doesn’t compromise aesthetic while functioning as an outdoor set.

Good build quality

  • An outdoor sets needs, to some extent, to be able to take a beating. It faces wear and tear from events and the elements. This set can do it.

High-end while staying budget-friendly

  • This set earned our top spot because it’s not only well-built and looks great, it’s also really affordable for a 10 piece set.
Our Rating 96%
  • Easy to assemble
  • Comfortable, with great cushions that customers rave about
  • Very budget-friendly for a 5-piece set


Setup is quick and painless

  • Customers praise this set for being very easy to assemble out of the box, so no need to pay for expert installation unless you truly have two left thumbs!

Get ready to get comfy

  • While it may look like your standard patio set, it’s hiding a secret: it’s incredibly comfortable. Good quality pillows will keep you sitting in style.

A really, really good deal

  • This reached our number 2 spot *mostly* because it checks a lot of boxes while being an incredibly good deal. It’s very affordable.
Our Rating 94%
  • Incredible, modern style with Acacia wood and wicker design
  • Easy to assemble
  • Great price for this type of aesthetic without compromising too much on build quality

Very good

It’s sleek and stylish

  • You often can’t get this type of wood/wicker aesthetic without paying top dollar – trust us, we’ve looked. 

Assembly is pain-free

  • Customers tended not to complain much about assembly and many found it easy. This is a good sign and we take this a serious signal that assembly won’t present most people with any problems.

Price to value ratio is exceptional

  • As we’ve said, this is a great value. We’ve seen sets like this go for double and triple this price, so it’s a steal for the style.
Our Rating 87%
  • To pick one word: sturdy
  • Very affordable for the build quality
  • It might be just us, but we found the all mostly-wicker look a bit dated.

Very good

Exceptional build quality

  • Customers love how sturdy this is. Since there’s a lot of wicker, it’s very durable and resistant to the elements.

Wickered good price (we love a bad pun)

  • Very well-costed compared to competitors. Our feeling is you trade a bit of aesthetic for better build quality, but that could be exactly what some folks need for harsher weather conditions.

Admittedly subjective, but..

  • We preferred to see a bit more wood in the finish for a modern set. Still, the price is great for the build, so if that fits your need, this is a fabulous set.
Our Rating 83%
  • Galvanized steel frame for durability with sponge cushions for comfort
  • Tempered glass tabletop for a sleek style
  • A little pricey for the build quality and aesthetic compared to our top picks

Very good

Strong and ready for most weather

  • The steel frame keeps this set strong even in changeable weather, improving its longevity. 

Don’t lose your temper..ed glass

  • If you read any of our other reviews, you’ll know we can’t resist terrible puns. But seriously, we like the sleek look the tempered glass gives to the gray wicker.

The value is good, but not great

  • Overall, we think that this set will be best for those that subjectively look at it and think the aesthetic is gorgeous or fit their existing one. If you were starting from scratch, we think there’s better for the money. But that doesn’t mean we don’t like it; we only list what we believe are the best choices, so this still rates very highly.
Choosing an Outdoor Dining Set

For the purposes of this guide, we’ll assume you’ve narrowed down your choice to a dining set, as opposed to a general-use patio set or lounge set. 

That’s important because the table becomes a central feature. You’ll want to think about how many you ideally want to accommodate and plan based on that. A tiny table may save you some dollars now, but if you can’t host your group of friends, you’ll quickly feel you wasted the money you spent rather than saved the money you didn’t. 

Plan to buy for good build quality, as a set that lasts you years is the best way to get a good bang for your buck. Everyone’s tastes are subjective, so find that overlap between aesthetic and good build. And if you plan to put it together yourself, look for reviews on easy assembly. Botching the job can compromise the build, no matter the quality of the materials, or make the set more susceptible to wear and tear.

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