Best Outdoor Solar Lights 2019

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Our Rating 95%
  • Easy to assemble and install
  • Give off a good amount of light
  • Sturdy, stick well into the ground


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Brightens up yards

  • These outdoor solar lights are very bright and give a very significant amount of light, exceeding initial expectations.

Easy to set up

  • They are easy to assemble and install. And because they use solar energy to charge, they do away with wires and batteries in the backyard or around the pool.

Long lasting charge

  • The charge holds for the entire evening, all the while illuminating your walkway and compound.
Our Rating 94%
  • Beautiful and easy to set up
  • Different lighting mode options
  • Come with ground spikes to ensure they are secure


Look beautiful anywhere they are installed

  • The string lights are pretty and give off a cozy feeling.

As many modes as there are moods

  • They come with eight different lighting modes, including chasing flash, slow fade, steady, and sequential.

Versatile and decorative

  • Are you looking for everyday backyard lights? Check. Decorative lighting for a wedding or holiday party? Check!
Our Rating 93%
  • Vibrant colours that add life to your garden
  • Sturdy, stay standing during windy weaher
  • Good for gifting


Easy to install

  • These lights are easy to install. Place the stake firmly in the soil and direct the solar panel towards the sun. And once the switch is on, they’ll automatically light up in the dark.

Bright and beautiful

  • The butterfly lights give off a bright light and are a great addition to pathways and gardens because of their beauty. 

Hold up during rain and on windy days

  • Once staked into the ground, they will stay standing during rainy and windy weather.
Our Rating 90%
  • Easy to hang and durable
  • Very bright
  • Water resistant


Weatherproof outdoor lights

  • Brightech says the lights are made out of strong plastic shells to avoid breakage, and reviews endorse the claim. Buyers say they have withstood strong winds and lots of rain.

Beautiful soft glow

  • The word most frequently used to describe the light from these outdoor lights is “romantic”. It is soft and yellow, and yet bright enough.


  • Priced at a good price compared to other options.
Our Rating 90%
  • Great quality product for the price
  • Very bright, good for security
  • Small, but very bright


28 bright outdoor lights

  • These come in a set of 28 powerful LEDs with a 120 degrees motion angle. Good for illuminating backyards and walkways.

Motion sensors

  • In addition to the bright light, they have motion sensors that turn on the light once activated.


  • These lights are designed to withstand all types of weather, be it rain, heat, wind or snow.
Choosing Outdoor Solar Lights

Outdoor solar lights will soon become a must-have item. Think about it: why should you pay for power for garden or path lights when there are solar lights, whose only cost is their purchase price? To save money and at the same time illuminate and beautify your yard, it is a good idea to install solar lights.

Most outdoor solar light options online are of poor quality and not durable, according to the reviews we read. Therefore, we wrote this guide to address that concern: we combed through tens and tens of reviews to find lights with authentic positive feedback. All the solar lights in this list are of good quality and durable, according to reviews.

Once you buy these lights, you will be wondering how you came to host parties without them. Some of them are beautiful and will double as decorations, in addition to their light. We think that this versatility makes the outdoor solar lights worth more than their price.

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