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Our Rating 99%
  • All metal, 10-speed mixer
  • Over 15 optional attachments
  • Great build quality


This is our #1 pick.
If you're in a hurry, choose this one.

It goes your speed

  • While it’s a little pricier than some other entries in the stand mixer category, this one earns its cost by providing a ton of features alongside best-in-class quality. 10 speeds gives you a ton of flexibility.

Over 15! attachments

  • This is a mixer than can grow with you and is good for making anything you could dream of. It’s versatile – and that’s a big understatement.

A Brand to Trust

  • KitchenAid is a – pun intended – household name in this space and they don’t disappoint with their build quality. This is all metal and durable. 
Our Rating 99%
  • Good value for the price
  • Easy to set up and clean
  • Beautiful and elegant


Affordably priced

  • Fimei’s stand mixer costs much less than comparable products and yet delivers the same results, according to Amazon reviews of satisfied customers. 

Easy to use

  • Lightweight, easy to assemble and easy to move around. Don’t underestimate it though; it handles large volumes with an efficiency that belies its weight.

Beautiful, made of good quality material

  • It is light, looks elegant, and is made out of high quality material. 
Our Rating 95%
  • Versatile; it does anything you can throw at it
  • Reliable
  • Expensive, but worth the price



  • This stand mixer is for those who love and are always baking and cooking. Whether it’s pasta, focaccia bread, sausages or cookies, this guy will make them.

Built to last.

  • KitchenAid stand mixers are famous for their durability. This is not any different; you’ll most likely be using it 20 years after the initial purchase.

Worth the price

  • Earns its price, according to buyers, for durability, feature set, and overall build quality. This is an incredible mixer.
Our Rating 92%
  • Cheap compared to similar hand mixers
  • Sturdy and efficient
  • Longlasting compared to other brands


Reasonable price for a reliable product

  • Some might think this mixer’s lower price means it is not as good as pricier alternatives. But it delivers as much as the competition and takes up less kitchen space, to boot.


  • Handles heavy products quite well while staying put. Plus, it does this quietly and efficiently.


  • Amazon reviewers who have had it for some time say it is durable and sturdy. The build quality is top notch and the stand mixer lasts for several years, which you’ll not get with most cheaper competitors.
Our Rating 90%
  • Large enough for any recipe
  • Useful addition to the kitchen
  • Beautiful design

Very Good

Large enough for any recipe

  • Perfect for those working with large recipes. Larger households will best appreciate this reliable mixer.

Makes cooking easier

  • A great purchase for those who bake and cook a lot; this mixer is a time saver and makes good products.

Beautiful, comes in rich colours

  • If you are spending good money on a stand mixer it had better be beautiful as well, right? This make comes in 10 different colours, which buyers appreciate. 
Choosing a Stand Mixer

A stand mixer is one of the best purchases you will ever buy if you bake often. It eases the process greatly, taking over tasks such as mixing ingredients and kneading flour, which leaves you to focus on something else.

The first thing you should know before buying a stand mixer is that they are expensive. It is obvious why; they save you a lot of effort and time and are usually long-lasting appliances. They are also mostly large machines given the nature of work they do.

The most popular brand worldwide is KitchenAid and our guide, which depends on expert and user reviews, reflects that. Still, a number of alternatives have become popular in the past few years and will work as well as the big name, depending on your cooking needs.

One unfortunate fact today is that there are many unreliable brands on the market. When we wrote this guide, however, we wanted to put whatever worries about durability and quality you might have before buying a stand mixer; we looked for the best and most durable, paying attention to user reviews. The result: this is the best guide to read before buying a new stand mixer.

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