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  • Scales well
  • Geo-targeting & JS Rendering
  • Free 1000 API calls


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Scraper API Web Crawler Softare

Scales Well

  • Easy API for small or *huge* projects.
Free 1000 API calls
  • Try before you buy. No time limit; you get 1,000 API calls.
Geo-targeting & JS Rendering
  • Smarter crawler features available at mid and top tier.
Best Octoparse Logo
  • Point-and-click interface
  • IP Rotation
  • 5-day money-back guarantee

Very good

Octoparse Web Crawler Software
Point-and-click interface
  • Building your scraper is easy and visual.
5-day money-back guarantee
  • Try it out for a few days with a small project to make sure it fits your needs.
IP Rotation
  • Prevents getting blocked for large-scale crawl projects.
Choosing Web Crawling as a Service

It’s incredibly difficult to build a web crawler and so web crawling as a service appeared as a niche, so that companies who want data don’t need to build something in-house.

Why is it so difficult? A good crawler needs to rotate IPs when crawling at scale so it does not get blocked or served biased data. It needs to be able to geo-target for location data. It needs to be able to assess a page visually, if needed, looking through tough code like AJAX, JS, etc. On top of all that, the way data is formatted on pages changes all the time.

So, getting good, clean data out of crawling can be tough. Focusing on writing data scraping tasks while also building the crawler itself would be a huge burden for most organizations. So, you’ll want to look for all the above features when finding the service that for you.

Moreover, you’ll want to look for a service that scales. Don’t pay a ton of upfront fees for crawler access without knowing that it can serve your needs and return quality data. Ideally you pay by API call or crawler task.

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