Best Window Air Conditioners 2019

Our mission is to make decisions easy and too many options can be as bad as too few, so we spend our time researching until we can narrow the field to a well-curated set of great choices.


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Our Rating 98%
  • Great price for good cooling
  • Setup is a breeze (pun intended)
  • Thousands of happy customers


This is our #1 pick. If you're in a hurry, choose this one.

Great price for good cooling

  • This unit is a budget-friendly option, while still packing a 5,000 BTU punch. 

Setup is a breeze

  • Customers routinely rate this unit as easier to setup than others.

Thousands of happy customers

  • As one of the most-reviewed units on Amazon, this A/C is battle-tested. However, remember the build quality won’t be as good as a model $100-$200 up in price, and it may be a little noisier.
Our Rating 93%
  • Sells in 5000 - 12000 BTUs, so you can cool any space
  • Intuitive controls and remote control
  • Runs fairly quiet


Sells in a range of options

  • Well-reviewed for small and big rooms alike, so you can scale its cooling power to your need.

Intuitive controls

  • This unit has a great LCD panel paired with a remote for incredible ease of operation.

Runs fairly quiet

  • Compared to other units, reviewers found this unit to be fairly quiet. Big on cooling power, but not on noise.
Our Rating 84%
  • Strong cooling for up to 450 sqft
  • Clean air ionizer
  • Slightly pricey, but with the good build quality you'd expect from Frigidaire

Very good

Strong cooling

  • Customers report that up to about 450 sqft, this unit can cool quickly, even on very hot days.

Clean air ionizer technology

  • Built-in to help with relief from pollen and allergens.

Slightly pricey, but good quality

  • You pay for the brand and power, here, but the build quality is solid and product support is there. If price isn’t your main concern, this is a great unit, otherwise look to our top pick.
Our Rating 82%
  • Very budget-friendly; this is one of the least expensive units on our list
  • Solid cooling for the price
  • Can be a little noisy, so keep this in mind if off and on again white noise bothers you

Very good

Easy on the wallet

  • This is the most budget-friendly option on our list. For that reason, it obviously trades off on brand support, power, and build, but it’s still very solid.

Very good cooling

  • Very good (read: not great, but very good) cooling. But, like we said: factor in the price and this becomes an incredible value.

Noisier than other options

  • hOmeLabs didn’t skimp on the cooling power of this 5000 BTU unit, but the build quality shows with the noise generated.
Our Rating 81%
  • Aptly named. This A/C is a beast that will have you shivering
  • Great build quality
  • Steep price

Very good

We’re talking really cold here

  • Koldfront indeed. This A/C has power. If you need to cool a large space or you like it arctic, this is for you.

Superior build quality

  • The build quality is great, it’s easy to install, and fairly quiet for the power.

But this might cool your jets

  • So why is this last on our list? Simple: price. It’s a fantastic unit and you’ll love it, if you can afford paying for the luxury.
Choosing a Window Mounted Air Conditioner

For the purposes of this guide, we’ll assume you’ve narrowed down your choice of air conditioner to a window-mounted unit, rather than a portable a/c, for instance. 

By far, the most important consideration to get a good experierence is figuring out the square footage of the area you need to cool. Most people underestimate the size of the space they need cooled and buy an underpowered unit. For ~450 square feet, aim for at least 10,000 BTUs. A 5,000 BTU unit will save you money, but only get one if you either have a very small bedroom/den to cool or you’re okay with just taking the edge of the heat, rather than truly getting it to a ‘cool’ temperature.

Next, you’ll want to assess how much noise you’re able to tolerate. If it’s in your bedroom and you are a sensitive sleeper, look for a quieter model. While most units are white-noise-esque that you can tune out, there will be times when it sounds like the unit is ‘kicking in’, so it isn’t a constant hum. 

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