Frigidaire 5000 BTU Mini-Compact
Window Air Conditioner

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Buying Confidence Level
  • Good for 150-200 sqft
  • 2 cooling & fan speeds
  • Uses standard 115V outlet
  • Great price to cooling ratio

There’s a reason this is one of the most-reviewed units on Amazon. This little unit is budget-friendly, but packs a punch. Still, it’s ideal for smaller spaces given its compact footprint and lower power.

Thumbs Up
  • Great price for good cooling. While 5,000 BTUs is great for small spaces (150-200 square feet), you’re going to need more power if you’re trying to cool a large space or multiple rooms.
  • Many and various people find it very easy to setup. (We take this to show that it’s easy to install for a variety of skill levels).
  • Battle-tested by thousands and thousands of different customers, so it’s tried and true. Plus, Frigidaire is a well-known brand with good support.
Thumbs Down
  • It’s a compact with only 5,000 BTUs, so while it’s power to price ratio is great, you’re still ultimately talking about a lower power AC, good for only smaller spaces.
The Bottom Line

This is an incredible choice for an air conditioner for a small space. The big caveat here is that we too often see consumers buying an underpowered A/C for their space. You simply can’t get cooling beyond ‘taking the edge off’ for spaces larger than 200 sqft with a 5,000 BTU unit, no matter the brand or build quality. It just becomes a matter of output possible. Assuming you have a small space like this, we wholeheartedly recommend this Frigidaire. With a larger space or, if you want the space to get cooler much quicker, consider upping your budget just a bit and springing for an 8,000 BTU (also by Frigidaire) on Amazon
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