The Brennan House
as a Wedding Venue

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The Brennan House
The History

Here’s what the Board of the Brennan House Historic Home and Preservation Louisville, Inc. say of The Brennan house:

“The Brennan House (1868) is the last remaining private residence in Louisville’s downtown business district. The three-story red-brick Italianate-style home is furnished in a Victorian interior. The Brennans occupied the home from 1884 to 1969. It is one of only two homes in the state that contain an entirely original family collection. Attached to the north side is a 1912 doctor’s office.”

The Ambiance

 The Board goes on to say:

“Sixteen foot ceilings, a grand staircase, Tiffany lamps and polished antiques make The Brennan House a magical venue for intimate gatherings. With gazebo and cast iron fountain, your garden ceremony will be the wedding of your dreams. A large tulip magnolia tree provides the shade and you provide the romance for a picture-perfect wedding ceremony. Under a tent in autumn or glistening in the summer sun, your wedding will be an event to be remembered. The garden is in flower during spring, summer, and fall months. Dance floors can be accommodated on the veranda or in the garden. Weddings and Receptions at The Brennan House can be as large as 150. Bridal showers, Baby Showers, Luncheons, Rehearsal Dinners and Parties are well-suited for the interior of the home.”

More Information

Think The Brennan House might be right for your big day? You can get more information on their facebook page, as well as reach out to them for venue information.

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